Spring has come to Jamaa!

Hey Jammers! Today is March 1st of 2018, and when we log on to Animal Jam, This ^ beautiful thing shows up. YES!! C: Spring is such a beautiful season. Anyways, let's log on now and check out the new update! And here are the new Jam-A-Gram designs! Like any other Animal Jam update, this… Continue reading Spring has come to Jamaa!


Valentine’s Day has arrived in Animal Jam!

Oh my goodness. Now this is what you call aesthetic. Hey Jammers! Today is February the 1st of 2018, and today there's a new update! Let's hop right into it! Valentine's Day just might be one of my most favorite holidays ever. The chocolates and candy, the flowers, the feeling of love and friendship in… Continue reading Valentine’s Day has arrived in Animal Jam!

A New Animal?

Hey Jammers! Today is Thursday, which means update day! Let's dig right into it! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyways Jammers that's all for this update! Stay tuned 'til next time, and have a Jamtastic day! 😀